Ashley couch

Duke University: Bachelor of arts - Public Policy + Visual Art/Art History

University of Denver: Juris doctor


Pacific Northwest College of Art: Master of Fine Arts - Visual Studies + MAster of arts - Critical Studies (Class of 2021)

Transforming my personal and professional challenges as an attorney battling in the trenches of political and philosophical dramas, my studio practice creates conversation and stimulates healing from trauma. Employing materials found in everyday existence, I create delicate atmospheres that invite the viewer to engage. My art advocates for causes and creatures without a voice, using tools like my shredded bills and the herbs from my garden to calm my chronic pain and anxiety. Meditative practices bring my trials to life through tactile, three-dimensional pieces that create discourse through repetition, movement, light and sound, replicating environmental patterns with unexpected materials.  

My current work explores how humans manipulate plants, minerals and other materials in the name of transformation on individual, institutional and policy levels. Through labor-intensive creative processes, such as growing living art materials from plants and crafting suspended forms from thousands of tiny shreds of paper, I create physical spaces where I explore the effects of the passage of time, ritual, and ways in which people connect with each other, their inner selves, and their perceived spirit realms.  My practice holds space to process life’s challenges, rendering them more manageable, and creates a sense of community and shared mission to survive.

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